Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Desperate Times Call For Desparate Measures

So, my chubby cheeked, smiling little baby boy (3-D ultrasound) was due on September 20th, 2010. That was an adjusted due date from September 4th, 2010. Well it is now September 28th, 2010 and my little boy still has not arrived, so I got desperate. I don't really believe there is a way to start labor (I am a bit of a skeptic), but I do not want to be pregnant another day. Plus, I am going to the doctor tomorrow and they are hesitate to induce a VBAC because of the risk of uterine rupture and I do not want a scheduled c-section. NO WAY!!! Today I woke up after a night of intense false labor and decided to look up all the ways you could naturally induce labor. I am doing them all until he decides to come. So here is what we have done so far. Some of them are a little PG-13.

1. Sex - (no further comments)
2. The BIG O times 5 - This is because I read on the internet a woman's O can dilate a woman up to 2 centimeters. I figure, do this five times in one day and I am dilated to 10 with no labor. Wishful thinking I know, but I am desperate.
3. Nipple stimulation - Obviously this goes with the previous 2, but I also used my new breastpump from my Mooma (Mom). The Medela freestyle (completely hands free). I even got some milk in the fridge for my little guy.
4. Swinging in a swing - More painful then you may think for a 41 week pregnant lady.
5. Walking - I walked laps around the park I swung at. Audrey had so much fun on the swings and slides while I walked some laps. I also walked at Big Lots in the air conditioning for awhile. I had a lot of contractions walking.
6. Galloping - I needed a more supportive bra. This was pretty uncomfortable.
7. Slamming a Coke - I haven't had a real coke in like 9 months, so this was particularly fun for me.
8. Spicy food - Ate some hot salsa, green chili, and some spicy Mexican rice and an enchilada. Yum. That may not taste so good coming out though.
9. Ice cream - The goal is relaxation with this one. You won't start labor until you are relaxed.
10. Eating at a restaurant - Also the goal is relaxation with this one. Grandlunds in Yucaipa was truly amazing. Yum!
11. Driving down a bumpy road - This definitely brought on some contractions.
12. Massage - Again this is for relaxation. A lot of day spas offer pregnancy massages. WOW! This was incredibly amazing.
13. Change in altitude - My husband is such a good father. He has been attending a nurturing father's class in Big Bear for the last 4 weeks. I heard a lot of women try to sneak in a last minute trip to Big Bear Mountain before they go in to labor and then end up coming down the mountain in labor. So, I hitched a ride to Big Bear to see if I could jump start my labor.
14. Pineapple - Weird, but worth a try.
15. Squatting - You can actually feel the baby settle in to place with this one.
16. Running up the stairs - I did this a couple times, plus I work in a classroom upstairs, this is intense and exhausting, but has to be doing something, if not just getting me heartbeat going.
17. Talk to your baby - I told him that it was time to come out and meet everyone. So many people already love him and we are so excited to be his parents. He kicked and pushed his foot out so I could feel it through my skin. It is a pretty big foot for a newborn.

It is now early the next morning. No baby yet. I can not believe I am 9 days past my due date. Audrey was only 8 days late and I went in to labor at 7 days late, so at least I knew the end was near. According to my mother in-law, my husband was actually 4 weeks late (they even did a test outside the womb to determine this). Doctors do not let babies go that late anymore because the placenta gets old. My mom said that both my sister and I were two weeks late. I guess we are just a late family. Well, I am gonna try more stuff today. Wish me luck in meeting my little man.


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