Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Closet Co-Sleeper

Before I had Audrey there was no way in the world I thought I would let my baby sleep with me in my bed. I am not a cuddler. I like my space. I read up and found out that the baby should sleep near you for the first couple of weeks, so we got a co-sleeper instead of a bassinet. It actually attaches to your bed. I thought it was the perfect solution to the baby in bed drama. And yes, there's a lot of debate over whether your baby should co-sleep with you. Well I came to find out that it wasn't enough for Audrey to be in arm's reach, oh no, she had to actually sleep in my arms. After the first couple of days of sneaking her into the co-sleeper after she fell asleep I gave up and just brought her in bed with us. I love sleeping with Audrey because...
  • I get more sleep because I do not have to get out of bed to feed her (she was sleeping through the night by week 2)
  • I can just touch her and know she is okay
  • I can cuddle her to sleep (not easy to do in a crib)
  • She feels safer knowing Mommy and Daddy are right there
I talk to my friends who have to get up so early with their babies and I don't dare tell them I get 10-12 hours of sleep a night because I don't want to brag or seem preachy, but this is my blog, so if you aren't getting enough sleep with your baby try co-sleeping out. If you need an article to show your spouse the benefit if co sleeping, have them read this. Tip: Have some extra areas in the house where you can have fun with the spouse!!!

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