Monday, October 18, 2010

Co-Sleeping Times Two

I have written my thoughts on co-sleeping in a previous post, but a friend of mine who also co-sleeps is having a baby soon, so she is in the same boat as me. I wanted to give my thoughts and ideas on co-sleeping when you have two children.

So let me explain what situation I am in right at this moment. My 2 week old son is nursing right now. My toddler is on the other side cuddling with me and watching a movie on my television and we are in my bed. I am able to comfort both my babies and write a blog. I love it.

Audrey co-slept with my husband and
I until we bought our house. She was 21 months old. We did her room up all nice and pink. We got a way cool castle themed princess bed. Audrey and I always sing songs before we go to sleep, so I would cuddle her in her bed and sing until she fell asleep and then I would sneak out. The first couple of nights she would only make it until 4 in the morning and then she would climb in to bed with us. We would not make a big deal out of it and would let her climb in with us. We didn't give up though. We kept putting her to sleep in her bed to start. After about three weeks she was sleeping in her bed all through the night. We got her a night light and showed her how to come to our bed if she needed to. I think by not making a big deal out of where she slept she learned to sleep in her own bed. Sometimes she also likes to fall asleep on her Elmo couch in the living room and that is fine too! She has learned to sleep on her own. Luke came two and half weeks ago and he is already sleeping through the night thanks to my co-sleeper. I love the co-sleeper. Audrey wouldn't sleep in it. Luke sleeps in it when Audrey wants to cuddle. I do not want Audrey to roll over on him or anything, but I don't want her to resent the baby either and make her think she is not allowed in our bed anymore. So I do not make a big deal out of it. We just put Luke in the co-sleeper when Audrey wants to cuddle with us. So far Audrey has only wanted to sleep with us twice in two and half weeks and we just made sure Luke was in his bed. The co-sleeper attaches to your bed, so your baby is right there. If you have a higher bed you can buy the leg extensions that raise the bed higher. The baby senses you right there. You can even have your arm on them when you are sleeping. I know it helps me sleep better. I would be getting up 10 times a night to breastfeed and check on their breathing if I didn't have it. Honestly I think that is why Luke is already sleeping through the night. It is wonderful. I love co-sleeping with my children, but I think it is important that Luke gets his special time with Mommy and Daddy just like Audrey had. I think she is doing a great job being independent because she co-slept with us. She knows Mommy and Daddy are always here for her.

I have to post my second birth story. Lots to tell. Lots to blog about. Talk to ya soon.


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  1. Awesome, Janelle! Your story gives me a few ideas of things to try with Peer. Although Audrey does seem like less of a needy sleeper than Peer. He is EXTREMELY needy when it comes to sleep. Always has been. But maybe we can get into a routine of combining same-surface sleeping with co-sleeper sleeping when the whole fam is in bed. All good ideas and things to try. =) Thanks!