Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pregnant with a Toddler

In a weird way it is almost easier to have a job than to stay home with a toddler when you are pregnant. I worked most of my pregnancy and my daughter stays home with my husband. This summer I have been able to stay home with her and my husband, and yes, she is more exhausting than a full-time job. Daddy is my superhero. He always lets me rest when I come home from work, even though it is exhausting to parent a toddler (pregnant or not). I have some tips to getting that needed rest with your needy toddler while you are pregnant. Oh, and an just for clarification I am pregnant with a baby in my womb and I live with a toddler. Daddy made me clarify.

It is crazy because in a week or two I am not going to be pregnant with a toddler anymore. I am going to be the mother of a newborn and a toddler. Honestly, I am a little nervous about becoming a parent of two children, but I guess we will see if I have any advice to give in a month or two. Now for the tips while you are pregnant.

1. Take a bath with your toddler. Audrey and I will take baths together. She rubs the shaving cream on my legs. We play with her toys and I get to soak my soar muscles in the tub.

2. Have Daddy babysit and go get a spa pedicure. I got a lot more massages the first time around. Mostly because Daddy now gives Mommy a lot of breaks because he is parenting a toddler now as well. So, I had Daddy babysit and I went to the nail salon and got the super ultra spa pedicure for $40.00. I told them I was pregnant and I think they gave me extra special treatment. I went to the Nail Spa in Cerritos, CA. You sit in a massage chair and then they massage your legs and feet like three times. It is heavenly for those tender feet and ankles.

3. Take a nap while the toddler is napping. How much are you really going to get done while your baby is sleeping? It is worth a couple missed chores to keep your strength up. I always try to nap when she naps. Yeah, the house is a bit messier, but I am a lot less cranky.

4. Let them watch some educational DVD's. I know you are not suppose to let them watch DVD's and television until they are over 2, but those psychologists and researchers have obviously never been pregnant with a toddler before. Sometimes I just need to relax and kick my feet up and Audrey really likes her shows. Of course you need to limit the time (maybe one a day), but I show them to her guilt free. Audrey loves
My Baby Can Read, Elmo's World, Word World, Sid the Science Kid, and Baby Signs.

That's all I got for now, but I may have more tips for you later. I kinda have prego brain at 38 weeks pregnant.


Today's Mom


  1. Oh so difficult! I think Lana could write a whole thing as well on pregnant-with-toddler. We use a lot of Netflix-on-demand, which has 3 seasons of Blue's Clues and more. Also, since Peer is 3, we just set up an old computer for him so that he can play the games found at ... he's pretty good at using a mouse!

  2. Hey Andy, We have been meaning to get netflix on demand. We are waiting for the baby to come. I am sure we are going to be having many late nights. Thanks for the tip.