Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smile and Say Cheese

I was looking back at my tattered Baby Book. It is browned and worn. It looks much older than I am. I also have come to realize people did not use to take very many pictures. There are maybe 30 pictures total. There is no video of me, no 3-D ultra-sound. Now we are in the digital age and there is no excuse to not capture your child's memories. I printed up 700 pictures of Audrey at Costco her first 6 weeks of life. This girl is well documented. We bought a DVD camcorder 5 days before Audrey was born and have taken liberal video footage of Audrey's accomplishments. Here are a few details on capturing the memories:
  1. Invest in a digital camera and purchase a large memory card (remember to make sure your memory card fits your camera and your computer, they aren't always compatible).
  2. Get a video camera that works with your lifestyle. I know from past experience that is better for me to have something I don't have to edit or download to a computer, so we got a DVD camcorder with a memory stick. I simply take the DVD out and put in my DVD player. Audrey likes to watch herself on the telly. (We like Sony, the only one with true night vision)
  3. We get professional pictures at Target once a month. We get a coupon for a free 8x10 and $3.99 sheets after that (you get the coupon in each portrait package). The cheapest option for profresh pics. I have them framed with a chipboard number to represent what month she is. (I am only doing the once a month pics this first year, every 6 months after that)
  4. Keep your pics organized on your computer AND BACK THEM UP. Our hard drive crashed while I was prego and we lost ALL our digital pictures (two years worth). It is heartbreaking.
  5. Keep a secure baby blog. I use totspot because it is super secure and you have to personally invite people to join. It is much safer than facebook or myspace. It is also cool to record her milestones and upload video clips. Check it out. It is way cool.
So there you are. Go start making those memories.


Today's Mom

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