Monday, May 11, 2009

You think your poop don't stink...

Guess what? I forgot a very important pro in the breastfeeding blog. You will not have to smell a stinky diaper until they start on solid foods. It is almost sweet smelling. It is still poop, so it is going to be messy at times, but if that isn't a major pro for breastfeeding I don't know what is. Now that Audrey has started solids it is getting darker and stinkier, but not too bad. She is growing up and her digestive system in maturing. That means stinky poop.

I also wanted to let you know that I have not spent a single penny on diapers and my baby is 6 months old. Now that her poops happen less often because she is on solids I still have about 2 more months of diapers. How did I do this you ask? An awesome shower idea called a diaper raffle. Have your friends bring you any size and any brand if diapers (if you are too picky less people will participate). Give them a raffle ticket for a gift card or an assortment of prizes and presto you have a bunch of diapers. I still have about 2 more months of diapers, and all from the diaper raffles I had at both my showers. Thank you everyone. The diaper raffles have been an amazing money saver. I think I will have one at her first birthday party too.

We did have to exchange a few sizes out because she grows so darn fast, but Costco is really good about returns and the rest we exchanged with some other friends that had a diaper raffle. If you breastfeed, have an amazing family that spoils you, and have a diaper raffle you do not need to spend that much money on having a baby. Great job!!!


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