Friday, November 12, 2010

The Amazing Booger Sucker

So, Luke and Audrey have been sick non-stop. Right before Luke was born Audrey did two rounds of antibiotics and then she got a cold a couple of weeks ago and then Luke got a cold. Then Audrey got the flu and Luke got the flu. This week Audrey has a cold again and of course gave her germies to Luke. It is a constant battle of the colds. Well if you have children you know how hard it is to get that snot out with aspirator. Grody. They hate it because you are sucking it out and it doesn't even get that much out. Then you can rinse it, but who knows how gross it is on the inside of that thing. You are probably putting germs right back inside your kid.

All this to say I found an amazing baby product to help those nasty colds. It is a battery powered nasal aspirator. It sucks the snot out like a vacuum and it even has a little viewing window. Gross, I know, but at least you can see what you are getting out. We love it. Audrey hated it at first and would run away crying. Now she knows it helps her feel better. Only 20 bucks at Walgreens in the baby section.

Just wanted to share this must have item since I have been using it a lot this week.


Today's Mom


  1. What do you mean? Seeing that snot in the viewer is awesome!

  2. This booger sucker looks like it could double as a wiimote. I wonder why there is a wrist strap? Does sucking boogers get violent enough that you need to secure so as not to throw it?

  3. Tree Moose. You made me actually laugh out loud. I never thought about the wrist strap. I have not needed it...YET!